The Barnes Collection

So, to be honest, I had many issues with going to visit the Barnes foundation after knowing what went on behind the scenes with Barnes wishes being completely changed upon his death. In principle, I did not want to add to the disgrace that I feel his life’s work faced after his passing. If you’re not sure what I am talking about you can watch the great documentary called, “The Art of the Steal.” It is free to watch on YouTube and well worth the time spent watching it. What I CAN say is that despite my principles, I went to see the Barnes collection and was completely memorized!


The Way in which he curated his spaces, overlapping artists, movements mediums and genres was perfection. Each work complimented those that were placed next to them, grouping works that clearly belonged together in a space that was at once grand, yet comforting and intimate. The experience of viewing his work in a replica of their original home was done extremely well. Barnes certainly had an eye for great artists and great curation.


Most impressive to me where Cezanne’s figures playing cards, Matisse’s “Joy of Life,” and each and every haunting Modigliani! I had no idea how much I loved Modigliani until I saw them in Barnes’s collection.

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