Artist Statement

With a blurred line between life and art, my work explores the complicated nature of the female body as giver of life, the humbling and complex relationship of mother and child, as well as; the housing of the unstable and erratic emotional landscape of mother/artist. In the battle between time and attention, between mothering and creating, I follow in the footsteps of those who have manifested joys, sorrows, and anxieties into their work, allowing the rocky landscape of motherhood into the studio.

While my work is centered on reconciling the joys and pains of motherhood, it is not simply to relive, retell and reshape the experiences of my life, but rather an exploration into how deep familial ties and childhood traumas inform my studio work and mothering. Through drawing, sculpting, sewing, and the curation of ephemera, my studio investigations allow for personal strife to be processed and amalgamated within my work. In turn, this gained consciousness allows for these wide range of emotions to become generative. Combining modest media and a mother’s touch, I honor the sweet and ever-fleeting moments of child-rearing, accept the inescapable passage of time, and gain knowledge in terms of malleability and intuitionism, all while discovering the strength of forgiveness.