Studio Works 2021

Works in Progress

Young mother mopping

These works in progress is a graphite drawing that shows the mother mopping the floor on her hands and knees. The multiple positions are a growing process, much like that of the mind of a frazzled mother.

Graphite and china marker on mylar( 36″ x 44″), 2021

Young Mother Mopping, Detail

Amanda Chianelli, Young Mother Mopping (WIP), 2021 Graphite and china marker on mylar, (36″ x 44″)
Bather Series

The following works are a growing series. Bathing is an act of self care, a soothing remedy for chronic pain, and insulation from the constant noise of a young active family. While water can obscure the overwhelming sound of life, it also reverberates . It’s vibrations remind me the role of the mother is permanent state.

Amanda Chianelli, Studies with Jupiter, 2020,
Graphite on mylar, toddler scribbles (8″ x 10″)
Amanda Chianelli, Bather (WIP), 2021,
Graphite and china marker on mylar (30″ x 44″)

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